Tote 58-35X- Tote Containment Jacket Model 58-35X

Bright Orange Color, 500 Gallon Capacity, Base 58″x58″, Opening 58″x58″, Weight 15lbs. Packaged in Harness with Puncture Resistant Pad.



The Tote Containment Jackets’ are designed for rapid response to active leaking totes. The coated fabric is highly resistant to tears and punctures. The Tote Jacket can be placed on pallets, after deployment, allowing for transport and storage of the contained leaking tote. The LDK Tote Jacket easily secures to the tote by means of six adjustable straps. The Tote Jacket requires very little training and can be re-used. The pliable material allows for easy handling when installing or removing the Tote Jacket. The packaged Tote Jacket has a 10″ diameter and 20″ length. The 58-35X comes with an additional puncture resistant mat for use in exterior areas.

Chemical compatability sheet available upon request.

Please call or e-mail for volume discounts.

Additional information

Weight 15.0000 lbs
Dimensions 58.0000 × 58.0000 × 35.0000 in


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