HZR-400- 400 Gallon, Spill Containment Reservoir

Bright Safety Orange Color
120” Base, 12” Height, 96” Opening
Comes Rolled in Black Nylon Harness
Weight 16 lbs.



These Spill Containment Reservoirs are designed to be temporarily used for emergency spills of most Fuels, Chemicals and Fluids.* The PVC Coated Fabric is highly resistant to tears and punctures. The High Density Foam ring around the top allows the sides to rise with the level of fluid being contained and does not require user assistance in supporting the side walls. These Reservoirs come rolled in a Nylon Harness. The Bright Safety Orange color make our Reservoirs easy to locate in time of need. The pliable material is easy to fold for re-storage after use.

*Chemical Compatability Sheets available unpon request.

Please call or e-mail for volume pricing and custom colors.

Additional information

Weight 16.0000 lbs
Dimensions 120.0000 × 12.0000 × 96.0000 in


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