65 Gallon Spill Kit Universal

65 Gallon Spill Kit contents are pre-packed in a X-Rated, DOT approved 65 gallon Pverpack. All absorbents are Universal.


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65 Gallon Spill Kit Universal contains: 40-15″x19″ pads, 6-3″x8′ Socks, 10-3″x4′ Socks, 6-18″x18″ Pillows, 2- Pr. Nitrile Gloves, 3-Yellow Disposable Bags w/Ties, 1-Pr Safety Goggles, 1-Spill Kit Label, 6-Tamper Proof Labels. Absorbs up to 47.4 gallons.

Weight 81.04 lbs, 2 per pallet.

Additional information

Weight 81.0400 lbs
Dimensions 37.3700 × 28.2500 × 0.0000 in


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