the spill response experts

On The Road

LDK Products, Inc. has a full line of containment reservoirs, Hazmat products, and spill berms.

On The Water

LDK Products, Inc. can provide your company with environmental response kits for oil spill containment or hazardous waste.

In The Warehouse

LDK Products, Inc. provides sorbent socks, mats, pads, industrial rugs, and spill response.

"At LDK Products, Inc. our focus, simply put, is spill response. We specialize in providing our customers with the latest in spill response technologies as well as the very latest in information and know-how." Jesse Clark
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Featured Products for November 2021



Information provided across multiple Government sites related to transportation, environmental concerns and hazardous materials.


Trucking organizations that can benefit those in the trucking industry, from law to transportation guidelines.

Moving and Storage

Information sites that can help in the moving and storage business. This includes resources related to warehousing.

Our Vendors

If it wasn't for our Vendors, we would be limited to the vast catalog of products that we can provide to our customers. Learn more about our Vendors.

Custom Kits Inquiry

Need something customized? At LDK Products, Inc. we can help with custom development to serve your needs.

Tax Exempt Filing

Need help in getting Tax Exempt status with LDK Products, Inc.? We are here to help.